How To Prevent Your Students From Being
Accused Of A Sex Crime Or Domestic Violence

In this presentation Andrea shares how to prevent being accused and the 4 key things every person must know if
they find themselves accused:

1. Prevention – Alcohol and drugs don’t mix with sex. Your phone is for making calls not sharing personal or sexual
information. It doesn’t go away…it’s like HERPES!

2. Your rights – Remember you have a Constitutional right to remain silent USE IT.

3. Warrants – Unless law enforcement has a warrant do not let them into your home or have access to anything under any
circumstances i.e. (computers, cell phones…etc.).

4. Lawyer – Know who’s the best in the industry and contact them right away.

Andrea will also share:

1. Why less is more when being accused, even if you think you are innocent.

2. How to protect your rights in these very serious types of cases and managing the life-altering consequences, including life time registration as a sex offender.

3. How even if you are no longer engaged in an intimate relationship, you can still be accused of domestic violence.

4. Useful insight and knowledge about the legal system, how it works, and more importantly, how it doesn’t.


“I engaged the services of Andrea Hall as a defense attorney, sight unseen, and with no references and/or referrals. Andrea has turned out to be a consummate professional. I found her subject knowledge, experience, along with a combination of great confidence and discipline, to be exactly what I needed. She is well educated in appropriate procedures and her ethics
are above reproach.” – Barb B.

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