Want to Remove Your Name From the Sex Offender Registry? Here’s How!

First of all, follow all imposed restrictions and fulfill all requirements of your sentencing and probation. Failure to do this can result in additional charges and penalties. Regardless of whether or not you feel these restrictions are fair, to remove your name you need to follow your requirements to the letter.

Remember that your name will not be removed automatically. There is no magic time when your name suddenly disappears from the registry. You must take the initiative to get your name removed. You must petition to have your name removed. If your offense occurred outside of the state of Colorado, you would have to pay a filing fee, which can be expensive. It is better for you to seek the advice of an attorney before beginning the process, as it can be complicated.

Be aware of whether or not your offense allows you to be removed. Certain offenses require registration for life. Be sure that the appropriate time has passed in relation to your requirement, which is based on the class of your offense. Even if the time has passed, do not stop registering! You must follow the petition criteria. Once your petition is submitted, the court will set a hearing date. The victim will also be notified that the petition has been filed.

The court decides whether or not your petition is granted. It is not wise to attempt the process on your own, especially if the first petition fails. Representing yourself could impact not only your initial petition attempt, but any additional efforts should the first one fail. Due to the complicated legal procedures involved in this process, you will serve yourself better in the long run by engaging the services of a knowledgeable attorney. Contact The Hall Law Office today with your questions at 970-419-8234 or andrea@thehalllawoffice.com